Parent Workshop

Description :

Aajol Daycare caters children from 3 months and above. As the child age becomes eligible for school, it is obvious that parents get confused with questions like "which board is best suited for my child?", "If I choose a particular board then what will be the curriculum?", "whether my child will enjoy learning it?" etc.. Some parents think the education board they learnt from is best for their child or some will think, we must educate our ward with other education board. This kind of questions confuse the parents and it is likely that parents might choose the wrong board for their ward.

Therefore, Aajol took an initiative to guide parents about different education boards and their curriculum patterns. Such as ICSE, CBSE, SSC, etc. Speakers will bring to you a lowdown on each of these boards, with their pros and cons. Which curriculum will be more helpful for your ward to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow!

This workshop helped the parents to build a strong foundation for their wards.