Shaping Up the Future

Its shape week at all Aajol daycare centres! This week teachers will be introducing different shapes to kids through some interesting activities! Teaching shapes to these little champs is one of the most important activities that refine a fundamental skill in this reading and writing world! We all gather visual information by identifying the shapes of particular objects. Letters are also made up of various shapes. So knowing these basic shapes will help kids to identify and write different letters.

Do you know? We can work on different skill sets of children while teaching different shapes to them!
Such as

Such as -

Enhancing vocabulary and communication skills

through a chitchat session. For example, teachers can arrange a discussion with kids by asking the simple question just like “what all basic shapes do you know?”, look at the Aajol logo on your school bag, you or we all love pizza or sandwich but have you ever wondered what is the shape of a pizza or sandwiches?

This kind of question will help to stimulate their brain, their approach to look at a specific object, they will try to find out the connections by making the phrases of these basic words just like “round pizza”, “sandwich is triangle”

Develop logical Thinking

Can be develop through activities like recognizing, matching puzzles and sorting objects. This kind of activity helps kids to notice how things are alike and different and how they relate to other objects.

Develop Creative Minds

Arts and crafts activities boost their creativity and imaginations skills. For example, if you give the different shapes cutouts and tell them to make one picture out of it. Then you will be amazed by looking at the outcomes.

Improves writing skills

As we all know letters and numbers are made up of different shapes like circles, lines, parts of triangles and curves. By the help of circle, we can teach children to write b, d, g, p, q. same as with the shape of the triangle we can teach letters like k, v, w, bylines we can teach the letters like I, x, H. etc.

Relation to the outside world

while teaching shapes by conducting the above-mentioned activity kids start to relate these shapes with shapes of real-time objects. Such as “The shape of roti/chapatti is round”, car, truck or house is made up by the combination of different shapes. When they come close to nature they start exploring the shapes of stones, leaves, and trees.

This is how we can shape up their skills by using some basic themes!

“Nurturing Children, Nurturing Childhood”!