Aajol Leadership Team

Aajol Leadership Team

Hemant Kulkarni

An engineer by profession, Hemant has been in the engineering and manufacturing industry for over 27 years. Having established his mettle in the engineering sector, Hemant diversified to work as one of Aajol’s directors, and has been consistently contributing to the organization’s success since its inception 20 years ago. Mr. Kulkarni oversees every function of the organization, and co-decides its direction along with Mrs. Monika Kulkarni.

Monika Kulkarni

It all started in 1983 when Monika first arranged a simple summer camp marking her association with kids and since then, there’s hasn’t been any looking back! With almost 35 years of priceless experience in teaching and nurturing children through various creative initiatives, Monika certainly deserves to be termed an absolute authority and deemed to be the most creative minds around working towards the overall development of children.

Aajol boasts about having a visionary, honest and extremely supportive leadership team. Our leadership team has been with us right since Aajol’s inception, and has been instrumental in upbringing to what Aajol is today! Besides Ms. Monika Kulkarni, the supremo of Aajol, our leadership team is comprised of Mrs. Sheela Inamdar, Mrs. Leena Joshi, and Mrs. Sunita Joshi.

These dynamic ladies take care of all the Aajol owned centres across the city, and ensure the highest levels of client satisfaction, along with ensuring due-diligence towards the operational, financial and administrative aspects of Aajol.

Aajol Partnership Team