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Kids Activity Club: Play, run, fall, repeat!

Children glued to their parents’ mobile phones, indulged in online games is a common sight today. Besides, the growing infrastructure, with a very little concern for playgrounds, is gradually diminishing the concept of outdoor games, reducing childhood only to indoor virtual games, and limiting children to the confinements of their house. This isn’t a healthy situation, especially for growing children, thus posing roadblocks to their physical as well as mental growth. But, at Aajol, we’ve been literally battling this situation out and have been quite successful.

We conduct activities like:

  • Outdoor Games: Sports Games, Jogging, Trekking, etc.
  • Drama
  • Poetry
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Experimental Learning

At Aajol Kids Club, we let children explore playgrounds, run, play, and most importantly, breathe fresh air. We organize different kinds of sports activities for kids that would develop their physical strength, as well as their will-power and endurance to sustain competition. Through our different centres of kids club in Pune, we foster the liking for sports and physical games through activities like various outdoor games, jogging, trekking, Yogasan and many other enthralling activities!

Other Details :

Timing : Contact Nearest Aajol Centre For More Details

Age Group Criteria For Kids Club: 2 years and above.

Aajol Kids Activity Club

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