Aajol - Oldest Day Care Centre In Pune

Mother away from mother!

The first 8 years of a child’s life are the most important, as the brain undergoes rapid growth during these years. These years play a vital role in the child’s overall development and the skills that he/ she develop at an early age. Children spend most of the time with Aajol and in the absence of their parents. While with us, we ensure that their time in Aajol day care centre is utilized to empower them with the knowledge and the skills required to become life-long learners and sensitive and responsible citizens which thus makes AAJOL, best day care centre in Pune.

Aajol Pune's most trusted & oldest day care centre, which has 20+ branches in almost every corner of the sprawling Pune city.

Age Group Criteria For Junior Daycare: 2 years to 12 years.
Indoor Activity of Aajol Daycare

Special Features of Aajol Day Care Centre.

  • Dedicated staff and infrastructure for young children
  • Child-friendly, safe and cosy infrastructure fostering a homely atmosphere
  • Meticulously planned monthly curriculum for all the age groups
  • Age based and internationally recognized teaching strategies for the overall development of our students.
  • Regular training sessions by our psychologist to ensure effective implementation of the curriculum.
  • Events like Aajol Carnival, Edufair for kids..
  • Tasty, nutritious food is prepared in our in-house kitchen and is served at regular intervals.
  • Food preparations are based on special diet-plan chalked out for age appropriate age groups for these growing kids.
  • Introduction of art forms like dance, drama, singing, and drawing along with a foreign language and intellectually stimulating games make AAJOL not only a day care but also the best activity centre for young children.

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