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About Aajol

Welcome to Aajol - "Nurturing Children, Nurturing Childhood!"

Aajol, in Marathi, literally means grandparents’ abode! Owing to the priceless love, pampering, those interesting stories, and endless attention that kids get from their grandparents, they simply love and crave to stay with their grandparents at all times!

Aajol Day Care – one of the most widespread and the best daycare centres in Pune, as a concept, has been developed with the very thought of beautifying childhood, nurturing it, and letting children enjoy childhood. We’ve been creating great and cherishing childhood memories for all of Aajol’s children since 21 years and still going strong!

But childhood isn’t all play and no work! Of course, we don’t want children to lose their childhood, but at the same time, want them to learn a lot of things as they play and enjoy their time being with us! So, if you are searching for the best daycare in Pune, then you have come to the right place!

Aajol is classified into four verticals,

1. Infant Day Care

2. Junior Daycare

3. Preschool and

4. Kids Activity Club