Fascinated by the innovativeness in the name ‘Aajol’ itself, I went for a visit to the organization. My first visit to Aajol cleared most of my apprehensions and doubts. To begin with I found the place extremely clean and hygienic. That leaving a good impression, soon I had a long chat with the director Ms. Monika Kulkarni. Brimming with enthusiasm and positivity, she answered all my questions with patience and without trying to hard sell anything, tried to genuinely explain the routine, safety norms and all other important details.

Before approaching Aajol, like every concerned parent I had extensively researched many places but was largely disappointed. But after visiting Aajol I felt relieved that there is such a place where my child would not only be safe but will be nurtured just like he would be at home. Today it’s been more than two years that my son has been going to Aajol. They have many creative activities that keep the children busy and most importantly the children are always cheerful. The variety of food is also unique. The staff does not hesitate to clarify any doubts at any point of time and are extremely polite and co-operative. I’m genuinely happy that I finally found a home away from home for my son and that I can peacefully work in my office without having to worry about anything for the whole day!

Madhavi Vaidya

Our names are Eesha & Ovi. We are always told by our family, friends, relatives and elders that because of Aajol we are developed into social and playful kids. We don’t know what it means. What we know is you have been patient with us when we made a mess with our food. You calmed us down when we were upset. You held us in your arms and made us feel better when we were not feeling well. When we were bored, you read us books even when we did not understand it all. You were there when Aai Baba were away to office. We are now grown up and can take care of ourselves. But we still enjoy being with you because you gave us friends and helped us develop as child.

Thank you for being with us,

Eesha & Ovi Deshpande

Aajol is not just a day care, its a play group,activity center, sanskar varga and a home away from home But one just has to experience it, to know it J. Specious premises,delicious food, lots of activities, lots of indoor /outdoor games and loving teachers and mavshis really make Aajol a home away from home.

Thank you for being with us,

Radhika Walimbe

First of all, I really thank you all for taking care of my baby so lovingly and doing such a wonderful job with patience.

When I took a decision to go back to work, my baby was just 7 months old. I was worried about who would look after my baby behind me and even the way I do. Then I started a search for best day care for my baby. I met with and spoke with various Daycares in Pune. After a lot of search and making permutation & combination of our & my baby’s needs and daycare’s services, we felt Aajol is a best fit. I can proudly say, Aajol is a second home of my baby and I can go to work without worry as my baby is in loving, caring and friendly environment.

Plus the staffs of Aajol are professional, compassionate, loving and caring. Aajol has a daily programme table for children; accordingly teachers teach many things to children like sing baby songs, pray, reciting shloks, etc.

It is unimaginable that how much my baby is enjoying himself in Aajol and attached to Madhuri Teacher, Sunita Teacher and wonderful maushis. It is even surprising that sometimes he doesn’t want to come to me in the evening. I really thank you all teachers and maushis for the loving care they have given my baby over the past 4 months.

And I specially thank to Monika Madam for running such a wonderful daycare and doing amazing job.

Without Aajol I would not have continued my work, thanks a lot to all staff of Aajol.

Thanks & Best regards,

Pradnya Dhamdhere (Aarush’s mother)