• Aajol - Day Care Center Event


We have always believed in the play-way method, wherein children are provided with stress-free and enjoyable environment for learning new things. Hence incorporating various events from time to time has been a tradition here at Kids Organization. This serves many purposes...Children are introduced to various festivals in a unique way while they get a chance to enjoy it with their friends. Their minds are enriched by being introduced to something new and exciting.

Various events at Aajol, Pre-school and Kids club

While every occasion is special there are some that are celebrated with great aplomb. Diwali party is celebrated in a unique and special way. While educating the kids regarding the harm fire-crackers can bring to the environment and how the kids should protect themselves against them; the fun of Diwali is celebrated by a small party distributing gifts and various small events incorporated in it.

Various other events like Holi, Rangapanchami are celebrated using safe colours while Rakshabandhan is celebrated with children being encouraged to sharpen their craft skills; as they indulge in making rakhis themselves. Xmas is fun too as there is a special party arranged for the same. Other festivals like Dahi handi, Bhondala are a lot of fun as parent participation is encouraged. There are some funny games arranged for parents and there’s also a competition week to complete the myriad range of activities that we include here with us.

There is a special summer vacation program that runs throughout the holiday period of April and May. This is a unique feature of Kids Organization as it is very different from the regular ‘Shibirs’ held at almost every corner of the city these days. We have brought in a combination of various activities like taking the kids out for a children’s film, to arranging a day picnic, puppet shows, magic shows, having a water play etc. There are intellectual games and exhibitions too that stimulate the intellectual growth in children.