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Aajol Day Care

Children always have a very special connection with their grandparents. The most affectionate and loving place for them has always been their grandparent’s home. Hence the name Aajol, which literally means the home of their most beloved Grandparents - an abode where there is immense love, affection and nurturing.


Aajol is a professionally managed, high quality, modern day care centre in pune. Motherhood is indeed a rich experience, however the modern woman today wants to strike a fine balance between providing the right nurturing for her child and also step out for a successful career in her chosen field. At such times it becomes extremely difficult for her to achieve her 100 percent in both these spheres.

The concept of Aajol came into being with the simple objective of providing ideal parenting to the tiny tots in the absence of their parents. Aajol provides a safe, hygienic, caring and nurturing abode for children. Our honest and sincere effort in achieving our goal is what makes Aajol the most unique day care centre in pune.

Specialty of Aajol

While there are several day care centres in Pune, the speciality of Aajol lies in our focus on the finer and minute aspects of child psychology in the process of nurturing. We not only promise to pool in specific efforts for the proper upbringing of children; we have been keeping pace with time and modifying our strategies and child development programs accordingly. This is one day care centre in pune that has been working tirelessly for last 17 years and our impeccable record of parent satisfaction says it all.

Aajol aims to re-define child care in Pune. With the objective of an overall development of children we have various activities designed age wise to nurture the skills and talents in children. At Aajol it’s not just the physical development and other skill development that is emphasized upon; in fact we take special efforts to pay attention to the psychological needs as well. Hence, unlike other child care centres in Pune, we have a psychologist on our panel, specialized in not only identifying the role and training of staff, our psychologist designs various activities and games for the children and also conducts parenting sessions.

Apart from the above initiatives, there are two separate sections for both infant day care centre pune and junior day care centres pune; this is to ensure complete personal attention to both the sections. More so we have a tie-up with a paediatric hospital in case of emergencies.

Hence if you are looking for a fully fledged, complete child care centre in Pune, Aajol is the place for you!

Junior Day Care Section

Aajol has always aimed to provide the best available services to its junior day care centre. Hence from having separate premises for junior day care centre pune to much more we have the best of facilities...
  • A huge open space is made available within the premises.
  • Separate dining room and well demarcated bedrooms are available to create a feel-at-home ambience.
  • Full time watchmen and CC TV cameras are present to assure safety and vigilance.
  • Tasty, nutritious food is prepared in our in-house kitchen and is served at regular intervals.
  • Food preparations are based on a special diet-plan chalked out for the appropriate age groups for these growing kids.
  • Extreme hygiene and compulsory uniform for staff is maintained.
As per the age group various activities are planned as follows....

Activities for age group two to three:

  • Firstly division of students as per the age group is made and accordingly a daily schedule is maintained and followed.
  • Age appropriate development focusing activities are made available.
  • Also branded toys that are age appropriate are available.
  • Special activities are planned and implemented by our in-house psychologist.
  • Along with weekly planning, a monthly planning of toys and activities is also arranged.

Activities for age group three to twelve:

  • A chit-chatting session is arranged for free and open communication in between students and teachers and amongst children.
  • Discussions on current age appropriate issues and topics for knowledge and information sharing.
  • Dance, Drawing, Drama and Spoken English classes held in-house to introduce and hone different art forms and a way to unleash hidden talents in children.
  • Intellectual games designed by our psychologist held twice a week for better brain development.
  • Specially conducted reading and writing sessions.
  • We also conduct specially designed activities for socio-emotional development, language development and creative development.
  • Regular training programs for staff are conducted.